Rodent Dropping Cleanup

Certech’s Sanitation Services protect your environment from harmful materials and aesthetic eyesores. Rat & Mouse droppings, bird poop, nests and feathers create a nasty mess leaving poor imprints on the perceptions of your customers and guests.

Accumulated rodent droppings inside attic spaces could lead to regulatory complications such as: health department closures, reduced audit scores and compromise food safety. Protect your reputation from negative perceptions with Certech Environmental Services. More importantly, rodents, their feces and urine transmit harmful diseases. We will perform a detailed inspection to determine rodents entry points, close them with impervious materials such as concrete and hardware cloth. Call Certech and leave your worries to us!


  • Rodent Dropping Cleaning
  • Bird Dropping Cleaning
  • Power Washing
  • Sanitized Solutions
  • Gutter Cleaning/ Debris Exclusion

Please call today for your free estimate. If we do not completely meet your satisfaction with our Pest Cleaning services, we will return with no additional charges.


Certech also offers attic Insulation Renewal Services. Accumulated rodent waste creates harmful health conditions and places businesses at risk for regulatory complications.  


  • Attic/ Crawl Space Cleaning and Debris Removal
  • Removal of Contaminated Insulation & Rodent Waste
  • Sanitized Treatments of Urine and Feces Infected Areas
  • Replacement of Insulation with 50% Post Consumer Recycled Materials w/R38 Material

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