Drywood Termite Swarmers

Our Termite Protection services ensure that your structure is not compromised by Termites, Wood Boring Beetles, Fungus and other wood destroying organisms. It is estimated that termites are responsible for up to $5 billion in damage each year. Wood-destroying organisms that infect structural members including posts, sub-floors, floor joists, wall framing and ceiling joists jeopardize the integrity of your structure. Many businesses and residential homeowners are not aware that they need termite control until the damage has been done, protect your investment with a termite inspection.  

Termites in the Bay Area consist of Subterranean (Reticulitermes) and Drywood Termites (Incisitermes). Along the coastline, Dampwood Termites (Termopsidae) are found infesting wooden members that have high moisture content.

Structural damage from termites and other wood-destroying organisms can go unnoticed for several years until signs of activity are found. Termites hide within wall voids, attic spaces, and sub-floor areas causing significant structural and monetary damages. Early detection is critical to ensure that your structure is safe in order to minimize the risk and costs associated with termite damages.

Subterranean Termite

We use a wide range of eco-friendly products for termites such as Orange Oil, Bora-Care, Tim-Bor and Altriset. Termiticides such as Termidor and Premise are preferred products of choice from several of our customers due to their effect on the entire colony.

Certech’s primary approach to termites is to protect the client’s best interests and to provide effective solutions that have the least impact on the environment. Our certified technicians are extensively trained, well adept, and experienced to identify wood-destroying organisms before they become major structural issues.

More than simple termite control, our termite prevention services ensure year-round protection. Annual termite inspections identify and locate termite activity before large scale damage occurs and expensive repairs are needed. Inspections identify conditions that are conducive to wood destroying organisms in order to prevent their destruction.

Certech professionals utilize the latest technology including a wide range of detection tools such as, moisture meters and bore-scope inspection cameras in order to pinpoint exact infestation locations. Our protection and treatment options are selected based upon the needs of the client including:

  • Monitoring

  • Surface Treatments

  • Void Treatments

  • Sub-floor Injections

  • Structural Fumigation (Only if absolutely necessary to protect structural integrity).

Comprehensive annual termite inspections by Certech are the most guaranteed approach to saving you significant financial losses due to wood destroying organisms. Written reports are provided at the completion of every termite inspection.

3 Year Termite Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind that your structure is protected with our 3-Year Warranty giving you long-term reassurance from termite activity. Call us today for a free inspection.

Certech’s Structural Repair Services can correct damage caused by wood destroying organisms providing your home with the protection it needs.

To learn more about structural pest control inspections please visit: http://www.cdpr.ca.gov/docs/dept/factshts/inspections.pdf 


Unless termites show themselves to you or if you discover a termite activity, you may not know that you have a problem. Termites colonize in the ground and within walls causing countless dollars in destruction. Since termites cause significant damage in very short amounts of time, Certech recommends that you have inspections completed by a professional at least every two years to protect your investment.


Dampwood Termite control involves removing the moisture source and any earth-to-wood contacts. Infected wood should either be replaced or treated.


Subterranean Termites (aka ground termites) build mud tubes from the ground up to shield workers and to transport water and nutrients to the colony. Liquid treatments and gallery/void foam treatments quickly resolve issues. Sub-Termites swarm in the spring and sometimes in the fall.


Drywood Termites can infest wooden members in all areas of your structure and kick-out tiny pellets roughly the size of table salt/ pepper. Local treatments can be applied by injecting termiticides into galleries. Drywood Swarmers can be found emerging from colonies in late summer. Drywood Termites infestations that extend into areas that cannot be seen may require structural fumigation to ensure total elimination. 

Subterranean Termites

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