Audit Prepared

Your pest prevention program should be the least of your worries when preparing for audit. Our customers trust us to ensure that their processing facilities are Audit Prepared at all times so that they can focus on running their operation.

As your partner in food safety, Certech delivers a comprehensive pest prevention program with a precision focus on protecting your plant from contaminants while maintaining service programs that are compliant with third party audit requirements.

Our extensive experience in food processing and exposure to third party auditors gives us a complete understanding of the complexities that exist within food processing to ensure that your facility is prepared for audit. Our certified technicians are extensively trained in IPM practices, certified by Purdue University’s IPM training program, and the National Pest Management Association’s Pest Management in Food Plants.

Certech offers barcoding, monthly data and quarterly trend analysis reporting giving you visibility to the conditions that exist within your facility on a consistent basis.

The Top 5 pests encountered in and around food processing facilities are:

  • Stored Product Pests

  • Flying Insects

  • Rodents (Rats & Mice)

  • Cockroaches

  • Birds

Food Processing Pest Prevention

Together in our partnership, we can mitigate pest activity by focusing on good sanitation practices by removing sources that attract pests such as, food, water, and structural access. Many insects and rodents enter structures from the exterior through structural deficiencies. Thorough and complete inspections on every regular service visit ensure that these areas are revealed and communicated for correction. Mechanical Trapping Devices (MTDs) are used as a preventative control measure and as a monitoring device to intercept pests as they enter and utilized for information to prepare a corrective action plan.

Stored Product Pests (SPPs) are critical pests that infest and contaminate food products such as grains, cereals, spices and bStored Product Pestaked goods. The presence of SPPs within your operation could lead to poor audit scores and contaminated product increasing your expenses. According to our data, the five most encountered stored product pests in food plants are: Indian Meal Moths, Cigarette Beetles, Warehouse Beetles, Confused Flour Beetles and Red Flour Beetles.

Certech will customize a stored product prevention program utilizing the latest technological advances to ensure that the integrity of your products is protected which will minimize downtime and reduce your expenses.


Our specialistsAudit Prepared have extensive knowledge and experience with third-party auditing agencies. We demonstrate a commitment towards staying current with regulatory changes and industry trends.

Rest assured with our Money Back Guarantee! When you partner with Certech, you won’t lose points on audits. If you do, your audit fees and your monthly pest prevention costs are on us. Experience the Certech Difference!