Bed Bugs

Certech’s Bed Bug Elimination solutions protect you when…Yikes! You brought home…Bed Bugs! What do you do? Take a deep breath, contact Certech and leave your worries to us.

What are Bed Bugs? Bed Bugs (Cimex lectularius) are nocturnal parasites that feed on warm-blooded mammals while they are sleeping in the middle of the night. Bed Bugs hitchhike onto hosts from infested areas from furniture, clothing and personal items.

Bed Bugs are indiscriminate of the facilities that they infest which means that anyone can inherit the “little devils.” And although they have not been found to transmit disease (yet) infestations have been found within crevices in hotels, hospitals, retail stores, theaters, libraries and residential properties.


How do we eliminate Bed Bugs? We use heat technology to ensure that all stages of the Bed Bug life cycle have been eliminated from egg to adult.

Portable heaters are used to gradually heat the ambient temperature within rooms to an average temperature of 135º F while we monitor with remote temperature sensors. We then use the most effective products available on the market to ensure that Bed Bugs stay away for good. Our long term warranty guarantees your satisfaction.

Our eco-friendly Bed Bug heat treatment options provide a low-risk solution for our clients and the environment due to the minimal use of traditional insecticides.


Bed Bug Elimination

Just one public complaint of Bed Bugs on travel sites can cause significant damage to a hotel/ motel’s reputation. Unfortunately Bed Bugs are a common problem today, but with Certech’s Annual Bed Bug Program, you can rest assured that your facility is protected from these pests with year-round protection.

Certech’s Bed Bug service will protect mattresses, box springs and furniture to safely eradicate Bed Bugs with no need of disposal and we can return rooms back to service within 24 hours.

As an additional resource to your operation, Certech’s service professionals can provide in-person training sessions to help educate your staff in the detection and identification of Bed Bugs to prevent activity from spreading.

Rest assured with our 90-day elimination warranty. If you are not completely satisfied with our Bed Bug Elimination services, we offer a 100% money back guarantee!

A macro photo of a bed bug on a stick