Pest Prevention


Certech Environmental Services is the Bay Area’s premier full service Pest Prevention & Termite Protection service company that delivers results. Certech specializes in guaranteed pest prevention services in Food Service/ Restaurants/ Hospitality/ Healthcare/ Food Processing & Distribution/ Retail/ Property Management/ Schools/ Office buildings/ Apartments and Single Family Homes. Our brand is built on the promise of delivering a fresh perspective to eco-friendly pest control. 

Our services are first class with a strong focus on protecting the environment, safeguarding your company brand, and defending your facility from structural invading pests. After 30+ years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and guaranteed pest prevention. Our image is clean and discreet where it matters most. We are a small locally owned company and we like it that way.


In today’s heightened regulatory environment, structure invading pests are simply not welcome. Certech’s programs and services are designed to protect your facility from harmful pest issues before they develop including: cockroaches, ants, rats, mice, fruit flies, filth flies, bedbugs, termites, birds, occasional invading insects, stored product pests and landscape pests.

We’re not your typical pest company. Our core values are ingrained in brand protection and environmental stewardship. We deliver more than just “Green Pest Control.” At Certech, we embrace Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles focused on pest prevention before we elect to use traditional approaches to pest control. We are extremely cautious of the products that we select and how they are applied. We remain wholeheartedly committed to protecting the natural environment that we live and operate in. We are the pest control company with a conscience. 

When you partner with Certech, your facility will achieve and maintain a premium level of pest protection. Our Certified Technicians will deliver professional service solutions to correct existing pest issues and maintain an ongoing prevention program to ensure that your facility remains pest-free—we eliminate and we prevent.


We hire based upon a specific and unique set of qualifications to ensure that we are delivering at a high level. Our team members attend a rigorous training program to ensure that they are skilled in customer communication and prepared to deliver our scientific methods of pest prevention to protect your facility.

Our people are extensively trained in IPM practices with certifications by Purdue University’s IPM training program and the National Pest Management Association’s Pest Management in Food Plants. Additionally, our Certified Technicians are required and committed to ongoing and continuous training in order to stay current with regulatory and industry changes.

We celebrate diversity and take great care of our associates because we know that happy employees deliver excellent service to our customers. 


We will strive to exceed customer expectations through delivery of best-in-class pest prevention services while maintaining a commitment towards protecting the environment.

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